Email Integrations with O365

Chad Stewart_2416
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I am looking for a very simple email integration with Pipedrive for  predefined Email Campaigns, automation, triggers, etc. 

Very simple and ideally I would like it to send the email thru our Office 365 servers vs 3rd party like mailChimp style. 

They are one off, small quantity so would rather not have the newsletter style that gets blocked my spam servers, junk mail filters, etc.

Does Klenty, Outfunnel, Outplay or any others work like this?

Again, looking for simple, low costs, and Office 365 integration for sending. 


  • Andrus Purde
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    Hi Chad 

    I'm not sure about  Outplay but Klenty would definitely send emails through your own O365 servers.

    Outfunnel uses our own email domains and IP-s for sending but you could configure SPF and DKIM records to maximize email deliverability.  (And users love the simplicity of the app as well as email templates)

    Just out of curiosity: is there a specific reason you're looking to send the emails from your own domain and Office 365 servers?