Does Update of Product Price and Name affect deals?

Laura Maier
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I have been asked to update a list of products with new prices and names.

My Question: Does this change affect all deals which have this product connected to it (at the old price and name)? In which case I would have to create entirely new products.

Same question  then, if I inactivate or delete a product, does this affect deals which currently hold these products?


Thank you very much in advance!



  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Laura Maier-McAuley 

    If you adjust the price nothing changes on the deals. If you adjust the name however this will also reflect on the original deal. Also, if you deactivate products it's fine, they won't disappear from deals.

  • Claire Marsh
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    Hi, can I please check  if you do a mass upload of prices, nothing changes in deals already created/won? The prices will only change on new deals created after the upload. Is this correct? Thanks

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