Question: Figure out where business profile is under which board?

Robert Holte
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When I do a global search for a company how do I figure out what board it's under after I click on the profile?



  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Robert Holte 

    I'm not 100% sure I'm following you? By board do you mean Pipeline? Deals are part of the pipeline and organizations can have multiple deals on them in multiple pipelines. So in this case you need to be on the deal and then in the top left you see what pipeline it's on.

  • Robert Holte
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    Hi Mike van der Valk

    Thanks for the  response!  I've created several custom  boards in Pipedrive Deals (Sales, Account Management, Update License) for tracking. When I do a global search for a company or person I find the card and click on it but doesn't show me which board or  lane its on. Is there something in these to show this? Example:  Global search "Apple, Inc" click on card and would like to know it's in Account Management Board>Follow up lane. When I get emails directly and go search the client in Pipedrive I'm trying to figure out  which board and lane to figure out my path for response.