Simple Way to track your prospect's website behavior using Google Analytics

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Simple 3 steps to track  your prospects website behavior using Google analytics completely for FREE


  1. Activate User Ids in standard GA  :-  Once you activate this , it will create a dashboard " User Explorer " under Audience Tab.     This basically gives you full view into how users are interacting on your website with timestamp and GA assigns unique IDs to each users  ( called client IDs ) 
  2.  At Page where User either registers / subscribes your service , Pass on the Your CRM ID back to User ID using Data Layer. This would need hardly 5 lines of code from your developer to enable this . This is like passing an purchase amount when someone does buy on e-com site
  3. Once step 2 is complete , you can enjoy " user explorer " with your actual CRM User Ids and clearly understand their behavior 


Well , you may ask why is this important . I see for following reasons.

  • Its free :- you can use your standard GA as well to pass on the CRM IDs back to GA
  • Your chances of converting cold prospect into warm or customer exponentially increases if you know what they were looking for in their yesterday's visit . Then next step for your team is to either send them relevant email or give them a call :)


Hope this helps the community .


Let me know if you find thins helpful in comments.


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