Critical Privacy Issue: Emails within company (e.g.: with HR, CEO, etc.) are synced

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(This is a critical privacy loophole)

My emails to HR, Supervisor or CEO can be synced in Pipedrive. This is a very severe privacy risk and breach for Intracompany communication. 

A common test of the sales pipeline is testing with an employee's work email address. If a work email is entered into Pipedrive then the full email history of that employee becomes visible on Pipedrive which is unacceptable because email communication between employee and Supervisor, HR, CEO etc will be synced.  There is no reliable way to prevent this breach from happening with the options available in Pipedrive.

Maybe I'm missing something, but this seems to be a critical and common privacy loophole. 


Domain filter that will not sync email where there are only senders and recipients from that domain; I.E.: Ignore Intra-company Emails).


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    Upon connecting email sync for the first time - user can select which folders/;labels will be synced with PIpedrive as well as how far back the communication will go.

    So, first thing possible to do - to create a filter in your email client to make sure all work - related emails will get automatically labelled by "work" label.

    And when you set up sync -  user will just make sure to select all other folders except the "work one" : 


    Also, users can select "not to share emails with others in the company" using this  default emails sharing option:


    Then, by design, if you create a contact person with an email address of your colleaegue (that is also a Pipedrive user) - emails should not get linked to contact person account.

    So, you can see that there is a variety of options in Pipedrive to limit email sharing and if that still does not work for you well- please do reach out to [email protected] or use in-app chat!

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