Participants on emails?

I've been asked a few times about this and I'm not sure if there is a work around or not. When an email is created from within a deal, the participants need to be included in the email. This obviously comes with some dangers and if this was being developed as an enhancement I would be asking a question at the start of the email "include participants?" [To] [CC] or [Cancel].

If anyone has a reasonable solution I'd like to know. By reasonable, I mean a solution where we don't have to manually remember to add in the participants :) thanks

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Paul Wood 

    Unfortunately there's no workaround right now. I've passed on your suggestion to our team, hopefully we can prioritise this against other requests.

  • Miranda Ilechukwu
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    Thanks @Paul Wood for asking this.  We could really make use of Participants better if there was a way to prioritize one or more of them.  I'm curious in the meantime if you have any workarounds for including couples/spouses in a single deal and its communications?