Struggling with automating drip sequences for each deal stage, and automatic stage advancement

Aeden Baldwin-Smith
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Hi everyone, I thought what I wanted to set up would be fairly simple. I just want there to be a little drip sequence for each deal stage. Maybe there is an email that goes out immediately, followed by an email at 3, 7, 21, days if they stay in a specific stage without moving. Also, some stages the advancement would be automated by filling out a form on our website. I thought this would be pretty straightforward, the kind of thing many people would use. It doesn't appear to be as easy as I thought. Anyone struggled with this kind of automation?



  • Charles White_28456
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    If you're using Pipedrive to automate an email sequence by itself without connection to a real email marketing platform, yeah you'll have issues. Pipedrive has been making some great advancements with sending bulk email and trigger based email sequences, but as far as a drip campaign, thats too advanced for Pipedrive by itself. Do you use any other email marketing platform? If so you should set up your connections via Zapier or if it has it I prefer using Piesync which is a 2 way contact sync. I have a client set up using Pipedrive and Mailchimp for campaigns via Piesync. It works beautifully. Let me know if you have any more questions about the setup! 

  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Aeden Baldwin-Smith 

    Currently there's no native drip solution in Pipedrive. We have made some improvements as Charles mentioned in Group emailing and automations around sending emails. We're also developing a native marketing solution where eventually something like this will be possible, stay tuned!

    For now besides what Charles suggested I can also suggest tools in our Marketplace such as Outfunnel for example.