Adding 2 people to an organization?

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Lets say I have a prospect that works at 2 companies or works at a company and volunteers on a board and I am prospecting both organizations. wouldn't it follow that I should be able to add a person to 2 separate organizations, asked support and they said it isn't possible atm. 

@Pipedrive lets add this feature

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    A person can only be associated with one organization. If they could be associated with multiple it would cause activities and communications with that person to be associated with multiple organizations. That would be pretty messy.

    I could be wrong but I don't often see situations where a person works at two organizations. Nice gig if you can get it I suppose.

    Here is what you can do. 

    You can associate a person from organization A  with a deal that is created in organization B.


    You can put a small not in parentheses as part of the persons name field that they are also associated with organization be example: John Smith (Board member at Company name)


    You can add a person field to organization details where you can insert the name of a person that exists in your pipedrive database. It will out fill as you type with matching pipedrive contacts. Be sure to cheese from that list as to prevent it from creating a new contact. 


    You could create a pinned note in the organizations making a notation that John Smith of xyz company is also associated with this company.