Important + Mandatory Fields -> Also for WON-Deals

Philipp Riederle
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At the moment Important + Required Fields are useless for our use case... :-(

  • The Important Fields Sidebar disappears after a deal is won/lost. Why? There seems to be no reason for that behaviour. Even after Deals are Won/Lost important information should be completed.. 
  • Also, I cannot select a Required Field, without the "Deal Marked as Won" condition. We track Deals through phases even after they are won. So I cannot set up a Mandatory Field for a later Phase of Won Deals, because any deal that is won will be required to ask for that field. That also makes no sense, that the selection of phases automatically ticks in the "Won Condition".

Please fix those issues or change the behaviour (best as soon as possible), as those restrictions do strongly restrict the usability of Important and Required Fields. Thanks! 

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Philipp Riederle 

    Thank you so much for sharing and also explaining the context. Passing it on to our team! 

  • Hugo_5566
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    Hi @Mike van der Valk

    Any news on this topic? It used to work without having the 'mark deals as won' box thicked if i remember correctly?

    Now we can not have any required fields after the deals are won. So would like to see this fixed



  • Jonathan Blair-Joly

    The issue is still here. We also need it to have required fields without "Deal Marked as Won".