Need inventory management for products.

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 For example, we have 10 printers in stock. 2 printers are added to a deal. The stock should go down to 8 and sales team should know about it. 

This is a must have feature for quantity based product selling. 

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @AmeriCloud Solutions 

    Perhaps you already use a great stock inventory tool or are eying some. You could try to connect those to Pipedrive via our API or by using automation tools such as Zapier or Integromat.

  • Ventas Objetivo Agro
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    II am currently testing the product and in my case, I sell used agricultural machinery. The number of units in my case is key. If I have 5 interested in a single $ 20,000 used tractor, I don't have a $ 100,000 funnel. What I have is a $ 20,000 funnel with 5 potential buyers

  • TXwildman
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    I think having a library of product IDs and info (including pictures) is essential. The problem is that I need to have a way to retain that information while managing my "inventory in stock". I also work with other partners that have stock and when I'm out of what a customer wants, I reach out to my partners as well. I've been using "deals" as a way to manage my "inventory" but this is a work-around that is VERY cumbersome. Please consider an update. Thank you.

  • Toli At The CShop & ASE

    Yes. This is definitely needed. High ticket sellers need inventory too. I have 30 seats available for a high-ticket mastermind. Need to be able to put that in without creating 30 products. We have a cost option, unit price option, but no inventory? What's the point of differentiating unit pricing & quantity with no inventory field?