There are anything more that I can do?

Mauricio Lima
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I am trying the firsts tests with Pipedrive API. This works inside Pipedrive testbed, but I have authentication problems when I try the same thing with external Postman application.

  "success": false,
   "error": "unauthorized access",
   "errorCode": 401

But I've already verified the API key and custom domain. There are anything more that I can do?



  • Clarissa Silvino
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    Hey @Mauricio Lima, thank you for reaching.

    If it is working on the Reference Page, something should be off on your external program. Best place to post developers issues is under the developers community, here:

    If you need anything else, our Support can also help.

    Meanwhile, have a great day.

  • Marlon Malter
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    I have the same issue here. How did you solve it?