What is the best way to regularly send out an email with the results of a filter?

Alli Ottarsson
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What is the best way to regularly send out an email with the results of a filter? 

For example the day of a weekly team call we'd want to send out an email to the team with the list of open deals in a specific region (filter)  so that they can quickly glance in their inbox in preparation for the meeting.

I'd also want to take this further to create more complex filters to identify missing data and send those reports as emails to the owners of those records. 

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    Hi @Alli Ottarsson , happy to have you here in the community!

    I've tagged some additional relevant topics in your post so it can be seen by more members who can help you. Try to always do that when posting, it increases your chances of getting answers. 🚀

    As to your question, currently this isn't possible with Workflow Automations (yet) but we have some very cool new abilities coming down the road, stay tuned.

    I suggest you take a look at the integration platforms available in our marketplace, which allow you to transfer and manipulate data outside the scope of our own native features, and the Analytics integrations , as they allow you to extract data from Pipedrive and create other types of reports. 

    In any case, the team noted down your suggestion for when they'll work on updates again. We appreciate your feedback.

    Happy automating!

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    Hello Alli, Inês,

    Has this been resolved in an update? I was hoping to send some weekly/monthly filter results to suppliers / others who are not involved in Pipedrive.


  • This should be very easy to implement with Make/Integromat.

    Search -> Create Email Body using iterator -> Send email