Dealing with duplicate deals due to multiple demo / form-fill deals.

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Hi all!

We've been using PD for over 7 years now and the problem of duplicate deals has been ever growing.

I wanted to understand how you are dealing with your demo / query deals. 

A bit of backstory on how we create deals at our organization. 

We work with broadly 2 types of deals. Different sales teams get in touch with deals in different pipelines.

  1. Trial signups for product. We create deals in a pipeline using PD APIs
  2. Demo requests / Product queries. We have different types of forms - demo request for different product types, for queries like pricing/features etc., and deals are created using Zapier

What ends up happening is a user with email ID signups up on day 1 > books a demo on day 5 > drops another query maybe on day 30
(The order does not necessarily be the same. Some users query first and then signup up for trial)

As you can see, we end up having multiple deals with different deal owners.

Wondering how you deal with duplicates in such scenario. 

Do you recommend taking another route to deal with demo/non-signup leads?

Any inputs and feedback is appreciated. 

Thanks in advance. 


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