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Lukas Spieldiener
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I don't understand this and I know it has been discussed before a few times but most/all comparable CRMs as Freshworks,  Zoho, Sugar CRM, Hubspot, etc. have a plug-ins to Outlook and so many companies work with Outlook (and need to work with Outlook sometimes). 

We worked with Freshsales/Freshworks for quite a while and this was a great enhancement to the workflow of getting new requests into the CRM efficiently and thus getting a higher acceptance within sales (using the BCC now in Pipedrive but it doesnt work all the time). Getting data in should be don with the minimal effort possible as we want to focus on selling instead of data entry. 

I would love to bring this up again as an input or have a reason why this isn't possible. Thanks!

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  • Scott Barrack RL
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    I fully agree, this is causing our company the most issues. We live inside our outlook, we do not want to have to follow up on emails inside pipedrive. We may switch out if this doesn't come soon. 


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    Posted this in another thread but thought I would add it here too:

    Hey 🙂 me and my friend are building this. If you're interested in trying it out you shoot me a quick email to martin@baymats.com with subject "pipedrive outlook" and just say you're interested. I'll get back to you when there's something to try. We're curious to hear more.

    Thinking about making it similar to the gmail addon. What do you guys think about that? It looks and works like this: https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/pipedrive-gmail-add-on


  • clementc
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    Hi! Your pain is nearly over! Have a look at pipelook.app, the Outlook add-in brings Pipedrive CRM right to your mailbox! The initial release has just been sent for approval to the app marketplace, in the meanwhile you can sign up to our waiting list on the website so you'll be notified when it's out.