Lead API feature request: find lead(s) on Person and/or Organisation ID

Marcel Merkx
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TLDR?: Request API option to find lead on Org ID and/or Person ID


Hi team, great to see the progress on the API's, esp for Leads which we're embracing.

I have a request (following some  open issues in the dev-channel): Can you please allow for an endpoint to get Lead(s) by either Person or Organisation ID. Or something functionally the same (e.g. query the Person/organisation by ID, to get that entities' connected Leads objects)

Scenario: Some one signs up in one of our channels, thus becoming a lead for us. Now, it is very doable for us to then proceed to check if the person or organisation of that person already exists and update that info. But we cannot do the same with leads. So in case the person already is a lead, we would like to query that and update the lead, rather than create a new one, causing duplication/mess.  

I now see no way around this, preventing a pretty reasonable automation in Leads....