Gmail connected with pipedrive --> Last activity date

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Hi Community,

We connected gmail with Pipedrive, probably like many others. For now synchronised emails are not seen as an activity done. Where it would be great if they do because then it would be tracked in the "last activity date" filter. We use it a lot in the organisation overview to see what needs te be done.

For Pipedrives developers: Is it possible that emails can be seen as "last activity date"? If not, will you build this?

For the Community: please support this question. It would help putting this on their agenda's.




  • Scott Howell
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    We correspond with most customers by email (as do most companies) and would like to be able to sort to make it so much easier to know which customers have are have not been followed up. No brainer to me!!!!!

  • KurtJ
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    You send from within Gmail or from Pipedrive mail and sync'd to Gmail?

  • MV
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    Same question here:

    1. I sent an email via Gmail
    2. I manually linked the activity with a Lead
    3. Last Activity doesn't get updated, neither for Person nor for Organization

    I think there's an underlying issue, which is that Last Activity should be also a field for a deal, for two reasons:

    1. Person is wrong: what if the contact person changes?
    2. Organization is also wrong: what if there are multiple deals per organization?

    Is this tracked somewhere else or should I open a new issue?