Enable organisation email link with deals and stop automatic contact person generation through smart

Karel Dhoore
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Recently, I noticed that when manually linking a deal to an email message, Pipedrive creates a contact person based on the email address if no contact person is associated with the deal. However, an organisation (with an email address) was linked to the deal. Mostly, this happens when I don't have a contact person for a deal, and just email to "info@pipedrive.com" for example. 

The image below shows what a mess this makes in the Person database.

Based on this I propose 2 things:

  • Enable smart BCC email links when only an organisation with an email address is linked to a deal. What is the point of registering an email address to an organisation if you need a contact person anyways?
  • Stop the automatic contact person creation when manually linking an email to a deal. Either make the user enter contact person or organisation details or make it possible to link emails without associated email data.


Small portion of "Info" contact generated automatically by manually linking smart BCC emails to deals without a contact person







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    I'm glad I saw this because I was seeing multiple Organizations entered as People and was about to get on my staff but now I need to determine if it was their mistake or PipeDrive's. I this instance and what I saw I think PD's