'Leads' is lacking

Daniel Keam-George
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I've been using Pipedrive for a short number of days/weeks and two limitations I'm surprised to discover so far are:

1/ 'Contacts' cannot be transferred over to 'Leads'.  Surely a most basic feature?  Contacts become Leads every working week!

2/ 'Leads' page will not show the Organisations that each individual Lead works for. So you're left looking at a long list of names, most of which you don't recognise without an Organisations column to refer to. Again, surely a basic feature missing here.

I'm also still wondering why 'Leads' is called 'Leads Inbox'.  It's not an inbox its a list of Leads.... 



  • Jamon Johnston
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    I agree especially with your second point Daniel, I've been trying to work out how to add the Organisation to the Leads Inbox view. Has PD provided a resolution?