Cold emailing structure in pipedrive - Leads or deals? Let's discuss best practises

Martin Pecha_2338
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Hi pipedrivers,

I am working on new process. Basically we have list of people in PD and our salesman goes and calls these people. There is some process and at the end the response is either yes, no, not now but in future, no response. 


I am thinking, what is the best practise, currently there are 3 possibilities:

  • keep communication in leads
  • keep communication on person level
  • keep communication on level of deal

Issues I have found:


  • there are no filters, how to come back - f.e. - what if I want to filter people, that said to me no? or contact me later in the future?
  • you have no overview about in which phase your effort ended (was it follow up 2? follow up 1?)
  • cannot measure my conversion rate, deal cycle


  • basically no help as all info from leads is paired into person detail
  • no high level overview of my list of persons
  • cannot measure my conversion rate, deal cycle


  • it will be a lot of deals


What are your best practises in this cold emailing process and how you track some metrics?