Add margin when adding product to a deal

Henk Haan_10824
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Hi all, 

I'm looking for a way to add a margin when adding products to a deal. We work with different margins each deal. I would like to see not only our revenue but also our profit in report. Any thoughts on this?




  • Marko Ertl
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    This feature would also be very important for us - since you can already add the cost to your products

  • Peter Lüthi
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    Hi all

    Do you have an solution for how you add and show the Gross Profit in the Dashboards. I could add the profit to the products, but there is no filter in the dashboards for the profit. Our Sales Goals are profit and not revenue driven.

  • Would be highly appreciated since it's already possible to add the unit cost of products. Please help if you have a solution