Email open and click rate tracking is not intuitive: didn't realize I had to turn it on in settings

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edited July 2022 in Sales CRM #1

I was very excited to send my first batch of emails and see how well it was received. I had gone through the email setting section and turned all the green buttons to "Yes" that ask if you want to track open rates, click link rates, and get notified of activities. I thought I was all set and send out a few group emails. Come to find out I had to not only turn ON the settings but I also had to look at the bottom of the email compose dialog box (where all the other formatting items are) and click the icons as well. This isn't intuitive at all, especially since the icons are buried amidst a ton of other formatting icons so if you're not formatting an email, you're not even going too see those. Plus, the icons themselves aren't even shown on the email settings page so I wouldn't have known what those icons meant anyway. Plus, it's just adding even more work (aka clicks) when the whole point is for pipedrive to make things more automated. 

Instead, one of two things needs to happen to make it easier for users:

  1. Change the setting so that when someone clicks the tracking settings to the green "Yes" button, it automatically starts tracking all emails
  2. If #1 can't be done, then at least have a checkbox next to each of the green buttons asking if you want to additionally make that the default so that people don't have to remember to individually turn that setting on when they're composing an email
  3. If neither of the above can happen, at least warn users that clicking those buttons doesn't make it the default and that they'll have to turn it on in the actual emails. 

This doesn't help me now because I already sent out a lot of emails, but this setting should be fixed so that other new users don't get the disappointing surprise that I did.