One API endpoint for Lead/Deal creation with Person + Organization

Hi, we're using Pipedrive API to create Leads and Deals. From our point of view is very difficult to create a Lead or Deal with all necessary information. Our case is to create a Lead/Deal with all necessary information about the Person or Organization.

The proposal is to create only 1 endpoint that aggregates the setup of all necessary attributes and relations for a Lead/Deal.

The current API implementation of your APIs:

  1. Check if Organization already exists
  2. No => Create organization
  3. Yes => Update organization with new/additional info
  4. (org. now exists)
  5. Check if a Person with a specific email already exists
  6. No => Create the Person
  7. Yes => Update the person with new/additional info (name, phone number etc.)
  8. (person now exists)
  9. Create a Lead/Deal

It's necessary to call 7 API endpoints. 🤯

Proposal for new API endpoint:

  1. Create Lead/Deal API with all necessary attributes (nested Person attributes and nested Org. attributes)
    1. The API itself does the logic described in the current necessary API integration.

And now I am happy! 🎉😍 I had to call just one API endpoint and it does everything I need.

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  • Avi H
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    I have the exact same issue.

    Did you get a response to your question?

  • Prokop Simek_26971
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    Avi H said:


    I have the exact same issue.

    Did you get a response to your question?

    No answer there. :/