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Darrol Stevens
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Hi, looking at using Pipedrive for our business which is a recruitment company. Is anyone out there a recruiter using this and how do you use it please?


  • Nick Meade
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    HI Darrol,

    We use Pipedrive as a pure CRM database at the moment, however, of you find anything else out, we would be interested in hearing how effective, simple to use Pipedrive is in a recruitment capacity



  • Adam Sztuka
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    Hi Darrol, Nick,

    I use Pipedrive for our recruitment business. It has some great features but you will very quickly develop frustrations with it's limitations. There are obvious things that Pipedrive should be able to do but doesn't (just go through the user community !! ). I've looked at many recruitment packages, they all have their shortcomings but I'm once again frustrated by Pipedrive and determined to find an alternative. Once you start to embrace automations, you will find Pipedrive is woefully inadequate: for example, you cant build automations which have an IF-THEN-ELSE ( or use-case) feature! Also we use Deals to represent an open vacancy and 'Deal Participants' are our shortlisted candidates but you can't email them in bulk. Also there is no 'calculation field' in Pipedrive -you can't do a basic calculation and Pipedrive's answer to this is to API-out to Zapier to do the calculation and pass the result back! -ridiculous.

    These should be basic features within a CRM and everyone's asking for similar things (2 years ago) but Pipedrive seem slow to respond to requests from their user-community. Piss poor. There support is very good though and very responsive -they are let down but their weak product development pathway. Just my view.

  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @Adam Sztuka and everyone, on the matter of automations we are hoping to introduce new abilities very soon, one of them being split conditions (if/else paths). Stay tuned to our latest updates here.