[New Podcasts] How to Automate Content Repurposing & Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Joe Fier
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Hey everyone! Hopefully you're having a great week and not getting too stir crazy in your house like I'm starting to ;-)

Here are some podcasts that we've released this week that should give you some good strategies for your business.

The first episode is all about content repurposing. Why is this important? Well, with any content you create (videos, blog posts, podcasts, social posts, etc.), why only let them live in one location? This will help you spread your message all over and automate the process. Listen to the episode here!

The second is all about affiliate marketing. This was eye-opening (and probably perfect for the sales folks here). You'll learn how to grow an army of affiliates to promote your offers. Tons of strategies to get going quickly with your existing network or even cold outreach. Check out the episode here.

That's it for this week. If you have any questions, please throw them below and I'll help out!

Thanks and I'll be back next week with more. Stay healthy!

Weu2019re big fans of Repurpose.io, so itu2019s awesome to have Hani Mourra on the show today. We use this tool to convert audio from our podcasts into videos that are uploaded to the major platforms and get our content out there for maximum visibility. Hani lets us in on all the behind the scenes features and tips for best use of this amazing tool, as well as how he got started, following his entrepreneurial spirit from a very young age, enduring some bumps along the way, and finally becoming the successful business owner that he is today. We also chat