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Alex Villanueva
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Hi, we are a real estate company looking to use pipedrive. I was wondering how has been your experience with Pipedrive and Real estate. I am worried about the company field because we do not typically sell to companies, but we sell to individuals. Also I wanted to ask how you mange a property that has several buyers intrested ?


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  • Brad Krause_13404
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    I'm not in real estate but would suggest you view 'Organizations' you called it Company as a household or in the case of a property you would be selling as a property for sale. 

    The organization is 'Smith Residence' or 'Smith Residence 23rd st.' The people, maybe Mr. and Mrs. would be associated with that residence in the people record. 

  • John Stapleton
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    I use pipedrive for real estate.  The stages I set up in the pipeline run from new referral through closing.  “Won” means closed.

    I have most of my couples listed as first name Joe and Mary, last name Smith.  So I never know which one is calling or texting.  I just saw a suggestion that a household be listed as an organization.  So Joe and Mary get their own separate person files and are partners in the Smith Household organization.  Better solution.

    No repeating events.  Huge weak point of Pipedrive.  If I were not so used to Pipedrive now it would have been the reason to choose something else.  For example, the anniversary of closing day is a great excuse for a follow up call.  Zero support for activities like this.

    The strongest part of Pipedrive is Contract to Close.  That is the project management part of our job and where Pipedrive fits best.  Since switching to using a fantastic Transaction Coordinator it is less important. 

    Easy to customize.  Email templates are very helpful too.  You can have a set of tasks remind you to send the new client email, send the choose an inspector, etc.  Each of these can have an email template so 90% of your message is pre-written.

    My practice is 100% referral so I don't have a process for cold lead generation, nurture, and follow up.  Can't speak to if pipedrive fits that.