How to trigger workflow when meeting is booked in Calendar

Margaux Fiche
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As Customer Success Specialist I have added some automation to add deals to my CS pipeline and trigger activities such as sending outreach emails and moving the deals automatically from one stage to the other. In one of the email they have access to my calendar to book a meeting and if they do book one (my calendar is linked to Pipedrive) I would then want the deal to move to the next stage where I can check who is booked and prepare for the meetings. Until then it is a rather "hand-free" process. Is it possible for the deals to automatically move on to the next stage once the system receives a notification that a meeting for this deal was booked?


  • Fabrizio Nicolosi_33821
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    Hi @Margaux Fiche i think is possible only via api. Please let me know if you need help. 

  • Markus Funk
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    HI Margaux, 


    this should be possible if you use the trigger right. IN your case the trigger is the meeting (PD Scheduler) and then add "update deal fields" and there use DEAL STAGE  und update it automatically.  If I have enough time I will post a screen shot...