Entering Meetings for different time zones.

Eric McGinley
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I subscribe to an appointment setting service in the USA that allows prospects to book an appointment for an advisor to select. The prospects could be in any timezone in the USA. I would like to add this meeting in the timezone that the prospect chose, so that when I send them an email or meeting invite I refer to their time zone not mine. This actually happened today; she was on CST - Central time  and I am on EST - Eastern time (1 hr later). She booked for 2PM I saw 3PM, sent her an email referencing MY time and consequently she got confused and missed the meeting.

Anybody else need this functionality or has anybody got a work around? Pipedrive Support are going to add it as a feature request but the priority will be dependent upon need.

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  • René Juncher Michelsen
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    I really need that option. 


    I work with international customers and it's a mess trying to setup a correct meeting. I just had a customer from romania wishing for a meeting at 14 o'clock. Then I have to find out what is the correct time in my time, and book in pipedrive for 13 o'clock and send her an invite. It would be so much easier just to choose "Bukarest" at 14 o'clock and Pipedrive choose 13 o'clock in my calender - danish time.

  • Laurent Gaulhiac
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    Definitely needed...