"Clicked 2 times" -- Summary Report?

Dan Wigglesworth_31579
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I lvoe the fact that I can see how many times -- and when! -- my contacts have viewed links I embed in my emails! GREAT! 

Here is what I'm talking about:


So, at the moment, I can, 

  1. Choose a contact,
  2. Open an email
  3. Look at the embeded link and examine the pop up
  4. IT WORKS GREAT! Thank you!

However! ;)

I would love to be able to do this,

  1. Open a list of all the URLS i have embed in recently sent emails
  2. Select a URL from the list to open another list,
  3. View the list of emails that include the URL selected in step 2 ie the list includes
    1. a link to the email in question.
    2. Date Sent
    3. the "To: <contact>" field
    4. The number of times clicked!!!
  4. And I can sort the list by "The number of times clicked" column (and by the other columns, too I suppose).

Is anything like that possible already? If so... how? Where? 

It would be  GREAT way to prioritize follow ups to cusotmers who just haven't yet gotten around to clicking on the reply button. 

It woudl also tell me which embeded URLs get the most "action"

Bottom line: How can I see a summary of this information across all the emails sent in the last month/week/ etc???