Configuration to show won deals for some more time in the pipeline

I would like to have a functionality that allows an administrator to configure a certain number of days for which won deals are still visible in the sales pipeline. We have a dedicated column for won deals where we would like to keep won deals for e.g. 4 weeks after they were won to see the successes in the past always when working with pipedrive as a motivation. Hiding won deals immediately feels a bit like getting back to zero even though winning a deal is a huge success ;)

There's a workaround with custom filters but this is not as good as an enhancement of the standard filter for All and for the individual users. 

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  • Fabrizio Nicolosi_33821
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    Hi @Joel Schaeufele good question and good point of view!

    My suggest is:
    At first create a workflow that moves deals in specific columns when it will be won. This is the first things to do, for example after won you can move on stage called "won deals".

    After that you can create a filter with 2 conditions:

    1) all open deals 
    2) all won deals with "won date" is 1 month ago

    To help you i've done a screenshot with the filter you should do.

    It should be works. Let me know that i'm curious.


  • Joel Schaeufele
    Joel Schaeufele Posts: 2
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    Hi @Fabrizio Nicolosi 

    for some reason it doesn't work exactly like you suggested so I'm using a slightly different filter now (screenshot is unfortunately in german): 


    In addition  added two workflows. One that moves a won deal to the won column and another one that marks a deal as won once it was moved to the won column (if it was not yet done manually).

    Would be nice to just have a setting somewhere to allow configuration of a certain number of days for which a won deal is visible in the deals view without needing to create a custom filter. Also now I needed to set up such a filter for each single user.




  • Fabrizio Nicolosi_33821
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    Hi Joel, the most important thing is that is working now. I hope that they will be this suggest inside of Pipedrive configuration as you mean. Have a nice day!