Won status triggers goal in Google Analytics using Zapier

I am trying to trigger a goal in Google Analytics whenever a deal is won in Pipedrive, but am getting errors. 

Should the event be to update a goal or to create a measurement?
Which fields are necessary to fill out (name, category, action...)?



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    Hello @Tara Kays ,


    In this case, what I would recommend would be to create a filter in Pipedrive that grabs won deals. You may already have one but if you don't, here is what the filter should look like - https://sharing.pipedrive.com/2G1BGq


    In Zapier, the trigger you should choose is Deal matching filter, and then you pick the filter you made in Pipedrive.

    What will happen is, Zapier will keep looking for new deals, that match this filters conditions. So any deals you mark as won from the moment you enable the zap in Zapier, will be picked up only once.