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Jonny Watkins
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I'm wanting to be able to add the custom field "Owner email address" and have this map from the deal owner, this is to link in with an external marketing platform to allow customised appearance and responses.

Is there a way of completing this on the platform (suggestions of change the User name to the email / manually add into each deal are the only workarounds I can think of at the moment?



  • Boris Tsibelman
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    Hey Jonny,


    You might be able to get the email address of the owner through the API [pull through the owner and then related data to the owner like the email]


    Check out for more info on the API

  • Jonny Watkins
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    Thanks for the input.

    I'd love to - but the owner "API" gives this: owner_id which spits out - NO RESULTS




    Trying "User" as different terminology, gives 29 options, none of them spit out what I need - all in a similar vein to the below.


    Frustrating one, as would have thought this isn't a unique problem!