Error on PipeDrive Calendar reporting?

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I normally have a browser tab opened up to my PipeDrive Calendar all day long to check my progress.  

Today, I was reviewing my activities in this calendar to get my itinerary set.  When I got my emailed itinerary,  it showed an event that was not showing on my PipeDrive calendar tab.  I went back to the deal that this was associated with, and saw the activity reporting,, but it was not on my PipeDrive Calendar.  I also looked at my linked Google calendar and saw the event listed properly at the correct time slot.  I had almost missed an important appointment.

Anyone else had any issues with the PipeDrive Calendar not showing events?   See below pictures.



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    Hello @Tom Howard ,


    I have just gone through your post and it seems there is an activity type disabled, which hid this activity from the calendar view.

    As you can see here, this option is disabled -

    The activity type of the hidden activity also matches the activity type that was disabled under the calendar view -

    All you need to do is enable that option under the calendar view or press the option 'ALL' on the left to it to make sure all options are enabled/disabled.