Deal with detail of products for my factory

Longlong Zhao 赵珑珑
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right now, we have to set two type of deals for different purpose. one for the sales team to follow up in pipedrive of course. secondly, it is a sheet with details of the products to factory to manufacture.  we desperate need a solution which can pass the deal's detail with products feature to our factory, so the sales don't have to do the same thing twice.  the products feature is great, allow us to create as many feature as possible to identify the products as most of ours are customized 



  • Before I jump to a solution, can you describe your flow in a little more detail?

    It sounds to me like the first part of your question is regarding a sales CRM while the second is more related to production/project management.

  • Longlong Zhao 赵珑珑
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    Hi, Amit

    Sorry for the confusion, my question only has one part.  every my deals or "orders" related to products which we created in the "products". we want to pass those deals(orders) info with products info straight to our factory, so we don't have to create another file.  we can't do it now with Pipedrive as the deals "sheet" view does not included too much fields of products.  I hope explain it clearly this time.  can't wait to see your solution

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    for regular customer, the deals are  created like orders. Since most of products are customized, a little difference of the feature become a different products. pipedrive make it easy to differentiate it but couldn't show the detail in orders / deals views