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Are there any plans to update Mailigen so that the PD filters are two-way feed rather than just PD to Mailigen? I have a case where I updated my filter in PD and now those who are no longer in the filter are still in Mailigen. I use filters in Pipedrive and then pull in that information through a Mailigen Syncbot. Seems like this is one of the cons of doing it how I did it so I'm open to other ways that would still suit my situation. 

Reasons for doing it the way I did it: 

  • Control over the people funneling into Mailigen to keep cost down
  • I find the filters are really easy in PD and that's what I'm used to
  • I am able to do a gut check on both systems to ensure the volume is the same and everything is flowing correctly. For example, my filter has 6k in PD but I'm seeing only 4k in my monthly newsletter/email list. This alerts me to dig deeper
  • We use Mailigen for marketing and lead generation so some of the PD contacts didn't "opt in". By using a lead gen source I can ensure we're not sending to those who haven't given permission

Hope this helps!



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    Hey @Inês Batata  -  @Suzanne Van de Ven and I were talking about this in our bi-weekly roundtable this morning. I'm really curious about this as well. We're looking for best practices for using Mailigen with Pipedrive until the full integration is complete. Anyway you can point us to some Mailigen experts or help get some attention to this topic? The syncbot is great but, I've also had a few quirks and I'd love to figure out the best practices from your team. 

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    Mailigen is closing down

    These past 12 years have been an amazing ride, for which I’m incredibly grateful. I started Mailigen with a vision to offer streamlined, no-fuss marketing automation software to businesses that increasingly relied on communication to reach new audiences.

    Following our merger of Mailigen with Pipedrive, established thanks to a shared vision, we started working on a native email marketing solution, Campaigns by Pipedrive. Our goal is to bring sales and marketing teams together under one roof for aligned business communication and improved revenue potential.

    It is now time for our team to focus on this new solution, which we believe our customers will find incredibly helpful.

    You can sign up for the Campaigns waitlist here. 

    As Campaigns is sharing the same data that you already have in Pipedrive, there is no need for syncing and the platform will be much easier to use going forward.

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