Help me out of you will, Seasonal Sales cycle tracking

Brad Krause_13404
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We may need to add a custom deal details field to identify in which calendar year the work will be performed for reporting purposes in Insights. 

This is because we often create deals in one year that will be performed in the following year and our business and sales efforts are seasonal. 

We would typically create a spreadsheet for each year for each service category we were selling.

Contract landscape maintenance

Enhancement (work sold at existing contract maintenance sites)

1x  Landscape maintenance (work done at sites that are not existing contract maintenance clients)


We need to see how we are tracking and closing for that season. 

Would the best way to do this be to create a single option field with years listed to choose from when creating the deal?

Or do you have another option for us to consider?

Changing the deal created date seems a bit cumbersome as it has to be done in the list view and cannot be set when creating the deal in new deal dialogue. Otherwise we could have just used that and set in to the following year when creating the deal in october of 2020 that would be for work for the 2021 season.

It's already the case that when we sell something in 2020 that is actually for 2021 we are adjusting the won time to be after january 1st 2021 to keep our seasonal reporting straight. 

Interested to hear your thoughts. 




  • Brad Krause_13404
    Brad Krause_13404 Member Posts: 377
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    The problem with using a 'Season' field to define the year is that each year those reports need to be updated or new reports for that season need to be created. Thats a bummer. 

    Looks like we need to figure out if managing the deal creation date is the better option. hmmm.

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    Hi Brad, 

    What about creating a custom date field called "Service to be Performed" or similar to assign the date for when the maintenance work will be delivered? 
    That way you can move the deal as won when you win the contract but report when the work will be performed based on such date