Reporting basing on Organization in Insights

Laura Day
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I am looking to create a goal based on customers onboarded but you don't seem to be able to report based on Organization in Insights.  Does anyone else have this problems?

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  • Fabrizio Nicolosi_33821
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    Yes but i think that are working on that! Don't give up!

  • Daniel Steyn_20524
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    Laura, you are not the only one waiting for this. You can also not use organization custom fields in your filters in Insight. I hope to see that being added soon.

  • Christianna Miles
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    Hi, has there been any updates on this effort? This is something that would add a lot of value.



  • pierre.nicoli
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    Any updates on this, this is quite important in terms of team management and Account Managing?

  • DenisL
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    similar issue here

    used to do that in salesforce and zoho

    It's a basic need to be able to see how many organizations are registered in our crm (per category or country for instance)

    and a business issue that I don't have it in pipedrive

  • S-Ops
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    +1 from my side

    Reporting on organization level should be a basic feature.

    Alternatively and as a quicker temporary fix the "contacts--> organisations" view could have more columns to choose from like (example) monetary values. This would allow exporting organisation-level data with deal values