Sales Process Tip: Give Your Sales Team an Unfair Advantage with Turbocharger 365 Day Tracking & Ale

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We are excited to announce that Turbocharger 365 Day Tracking & Alerts  is now available on the Pipedrive Marketplace.  This simple addition to your sales process will help you Sales Team close more deals every month. 

Similar functionality for other CRMs costs thousands of dollars a month. The same powerful technology is now available to Pipedrive Sales teams for a small fraction of the cost and there is even a 30 day free trial. 

See it on the marketplace and watch the short video

What are the benefits of adding Turbocharger 365 Day Tracking & Alerts to your sales process?

  • Track your Pipedrive contacts for up to 365 days after any sales or marketing communication.
  • Get realtime alerts in Pipedrive when a contact returns to your website from any location, even days or months later.
  • See a complete timeline of everything each contact has looked at on your website.
  • Pinpoint contacts the moment they become interested, no matter how long your sales cycle is.