Mailigen and Pipedrive Accounts

Suzanne Van de Ven
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Okay so I need a recommendation on best practice. 

I have a filter set up to pull in any open deals. That filter then feeds to Mailigen. I excluded anyone in this filter to be sent a Prospect Monthly Marketing email I just sent. This doesn't seem to be the right approach as my email to "prospects" in Mailigen was just sent to a number of people who are active accounts of ours. What I'm finding out is that anyone who was linked as a person in deals didn't get the email, BUT anyone who wasn't linked as a person in deals did. To prevent this in the future, is there also a way to remove any people who are linked to an organization that is in an active deal? I believe they're considered "participants". I'm looking for a solution to prevent any person who is linked to an active facility/organization to exclude from my emails in the future. 

I can play around with the filter but wondering if this is something anyone knows off hand to prevent my trial and error efforts.