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Tuukka Josefsson
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Hi there,

Is there a way to limit what deals certain users or user groups see and is able to modify with the Essential or Advanced plan? 

For example, when dealing with external, project-based sales people it would be great if they could use our Pipedrive to record all information on their prospective customer cases, but at the same time, they don't need access to our company's all deals (or at least not all details of all deals). If I understand correctly, you can only do this with the Advanced user permissions (for Essential and Advanced: 2, for Professional 3 and for Enterprise: unlimited), is that right? So one would really need the Enterprise plan to do this in practise?

Many thanks for your help.

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    Hello Tuukka,


    You can do this in essential / advanced, but you have to change the visibility of offers, organizations and people.

    "Only the owner and the subscribers" for everyone.

    However, this change will have the same effect for your internal employees.

    They will only see their own cards.


    If you want to manage 2 levels of rights you must upgrade to a higher version


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    Hello @Tuukka Josefsson ,

    You have a possibility that I use a lot when our clients at BLC do not want to go professional to have visibility groups: you can set up the fact that the offers (why not the accounts and contacts) are not accessible only by owners and subscribers. Therefore if your external salesperson is neither the owner nor the subscriber to an offer then he will not see it.

    It is still a bit restrictive on some point - either all the collaborators with you are administrators and then in this case no problem of visibility (which is rarely the case)

    Either you have to subscribe all your collaborators to all that you create ... and I warn you right away, you cannot create automation to manage this ... not zapier it seems to me.

    This method works but is restrictive if you have internal users who are not administrators and must have visibility on all the elements ....

    I hope it helps you a little ...


  • Mike van der Valk
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    To add to what Baptise said. You can limit also users to see deals on the Essentials plan. You would then need to set visibility for all deals to owner and followers only. Then users will only see those deals you either assigned to them or added them as a follower. There's different levels per plan but check out some more information here in our Academy:

  • Tuukka Josefsson
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    Many thanks for your comments, I will check these approaches.

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