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Jakob Stiels
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Hello everyone, I have already written to support, but they can't really help me, or maybe they don't take my problem seriously. My emails synchronize only very sporadically with our Exchange server. Again and again the connection breaks and I have to re-enter all connection data. This is very annoying and reduces the positive impression of Pipedrive. But maybe you have an idea what else I can do, especially I would like to know if I am alone with this problem. Thanks for your feedback.


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    Hello @Jakob Stiels ,


    First of all, we apologise for the inconvenience.


    I can see you have a ticket open with us and I had a look at it. This is something that our engineers and developers are working on but it's a little bit more complicated than it seems, however, I can assure you we are doing our best. We have sent you a message through the support ticket explaining the issue in more detail.