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The strongest selling point is if it’s a customer who has already worked with us. 
Recently the assistant of the MD of a 2019 client of ours contacted me to get a proposal for a seminar. We eleaborated a concept and afterwards chased her for a deinitie reply. Did not get it. Then their MD called me on a Friday to ask how the status is -  i did not call him before because I thought this lead is coming from him so I did not want to bother him. WRONG. He asked me to always contact him directly when something seems to take too long.

lesson learned: always know what the status of the decider‘s decision making process is. Sounds simple, is simple - just needs to be followed. Don’t imagine what could bother your customer - ask him directly. 

PS Meanwhile he has confirmed that he wants to work with us on that project


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    Hello @Simon Schoop  this is a great post thank you for sharing.  I would like to ask a question though please.  How would you know you are not "going over someone's head" in a situation like this.  My impression is you handled it the same way I would have so I am curious to hear more on this.  I mean how would you know if/when to push to speak with the MD.  Lastly, how would you approach that call with the Decider to let them know about the delay.

    Thanks for your time and post look forward to hearing back.

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    This is a really interesting discussion @Simon Schoop , thank you for sharing your experience with the community! I'm going to pin this post to the main feed so more members can join the conversation.

    Like you said, sometimes these little things make a world of difference. Someone once told me: when you assume, you make an ass of u and me. I never forgot it! 😄

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