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Cristina S
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Hello! Is there a way to create an automation that every time I update a Label's organisation it updates all people linked to the same organisation with the same Label too? Thanks!



  • Fabrizio Nicolosi_33821
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    Hi Cristina, the way to do this is create a filter for Person linked to organization with specific label.

    So every time a new person enters in that filter, his label will also be changed.

    For example you have an organization label called "test", do a filter for people linked to organizations that have a "test" label. Then you can do an automation that triggers the filter.

    Let me know if It's clear.
    Good job

  • Toby Loft
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    Hi Fabrizio

    We want to achieve a similar outcome but just a little unsure how to action your idea. 

    1. We have Org A with three linked People
    2. When we change Org Label, we want all three linked People's Label to sync to match Org

    What are the specific steps to automate the label syncing of Orgs with their linked People?

    Thanks for your help