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Felix Brumme
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Hi at our company, automation is being used more and more. 

Unfortunately, this also means that there is always an automation that starts up when a process is wrong. To find and fix this automation is a pain. Mainly the search is the problem especially when there are several people creating automations.


My suggestion now is: 

Whenever an action is started by an automation, the changelog should not just show the User who triggered it. Instead it should show User by Automation 

as an example:

I trigger an automation that creates multiple activities for a workflow in a deal (in a pipeline for Germany). Then the log for created says now

Felix Brumme 

but it should say  

Felix Brumme by Workflow Generation Germany

If now a deal in a pipeline for England or Portugal also triggers the automation and creates these activities, then you can sees immediately the name of the automation. You can find and repair this bug  without long search (or you can inform the person who is responsible for this).

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  • Helio
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    Hello @Felix Brumme ,


    Thank you for this feedback, I also believe this would be a good addition and I can confirm this feedback has been registered internally!

  • Jim Wilson
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    Can not agree more, the ability to search and track history was a welcome change and this would go right along with it. The base utility stuff thats less flashy but makes troubleshooting complex automations possible for everyone. The more people see what automations can do the more theyll use them, this will drive more complex types of adoption too.