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Josh Rugg
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I have to say that your new leads inbox is completely useless for working a scale. I was so excited that you guys rolled this leads bucket out, and now it's of no use to me. The thought process around the design is as though you took it from a lesser CRM. 


I have sales people out in the field. I don't have time to load leads one at a time. I need to upload a csv, and map it to the fields that are critical for how I work. The limited fields in the leads inbox make that impossible. Unless I'm missing something (after two straight hours of importing and reverting files). Can someone please give me some step by step instructions on how to make this work? It seems impossible that this import feature is so limited. What am I missing?



  • Boris Tsibelman
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    Your able to export your deals, and then import them through the CSV [to bulk create the leads]

  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Josh Rugg 
    Thank for sharing your feedback. The leads inbox is one of our new releases and we continue to work heavily on improving this over the coming period.

    Adding more fields, converting deals back to leads and improved importing is on the list. I'm sorry to hear currently it's not fully working for you yet. You can indeed import leads but not all fields are available yet.

    Hopefully you understand developing a feature takes time and effort. The reasons why we already rolled out this version is because for many of our customers it's solving their main pains. Now we will continue to work on resolving more use cases such as the ones you mentioned.

    Please stay tuned as we'll definitely improve this with multiple releases the coming month coming up.

  • Josh Rugg
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    Your able to export your deals, and then import them through the CSV [to bulk create the leads]

    I appreciate your advice. Can you give me more on this. How does this solve my issue? I'm loading in suspect leads from a csv file. 

  • André Vidal
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    Your able to export your deals, and then import them through the CSV [to bulk create the leads]

    Hi Josh! 

    I think that Boris’ advice will only apply if you are trying to transform some of your Deals into Leads. If that is the case, you could export these leads to an Excel or CSV file and then import that file and map the columns to Leads’ fields. 

    To export the Deals, you can go to your Deals list view in Pipedrive and filter for the Deals you would like to import as leads. You can see this article to see how to filter: https://support.pipedrive.com/hc/en-us/articles/207497075-Filtering.

    After having the list of Deals you need, you can export the filter results. Make sure that, before doing that, you have all the columns you need displayed.

    After downloading the file, you can go to your Import data page in Settings and import this file. At this stage, it is important to be aware that Pipedrive will only give you the following options as fields related to Leads: http://sharing.pipedrive.com/6SafPw. You can’t create custom fields for Leads yet, although this is on the list for future improvements. 

    In case your intention is not to transform Deals into Leads and it is just to create new leads, you can simply import that CSV file you have and import it in the same way. 

    Any doubts, feel free to reach out to Pipedrive’ support!