Send Notes from Slack to Deal/Person/Org in Pipedrive

Erica Peterson
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Has anyone figured out how to do this?

I tried it using + a custom Slack workflow but it's not working. 

Basically, I want to send notes I share with my team via Slack directly to Pipedrive and not have to log in each time to add notes I already shared in Slack. 


  • Amit Sarda (
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    How do you know which note in Slack is for which deal/activity/person/org in Pipedrive?

  • Erica Peterson
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    I'd put the name of the org/person/deal as Input in the message

  • Jani Lillberg_83681
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    Let me know when you solved this? In slack with Zoho you can select to do so and it works great. Just select organization number into add it, like this:

    If someone comments the thread, it still does not update it but you can manually select which replies you add to Zoho Notes.

    I have found it very useful, hope they make same thing for Pipedrive as well.