Call Report in pipedrive and how to manage call activity.

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Hello 👋

Here is my problem and I would love to have your opinion on it ! 


Currently in my pipedrive workflow I have call activities that automatically generate at certain stages of the pipeline.

I would like to be able to have my sales people either call directly by clicking on the activity (this would be the best but it doesn't seem to be possible) or when a call is made from pipedrive it automatically checks the activity.

Knowing that I use the ringover integration for the calls and that they go up well in the offer.

The second thing is it possible to make a dashboard on the call statistics within pipedrive (call duration, distribution, number of missed calls ect...) ? If yes how ? Cause pipedrive don't seem to make any distinction between the differents types of calls.

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    It might be better to use an external CTI phone system to handle this stuff. [ie: JustCall, AirCall, etc]

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    Hey Boris ! 

    Thanks for your answer! I will use the dashboard in app then.