Do you face “I am not interested ” objections in your sales calls? 🙅

Shobhit Gaur
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I am sure you must have. The usual response is putting the call down.

Instead of that Kyle Coleman, VP of sales at a revenue operations platform tried something else. This is what you can use as well - 

Ask them - “What are you interested in right now?”

Many times you will find out that your prospects have a much more pressing issue to solve and do not have time to hear your pitch. 

Once your call is done, immediately follow up with an article with useful information on the topic they are solving for.

After 5 days, follow up with another guide on the topic and ask them whether you can help further.

You’ll be surprised to see that these prospects themselves come forward and ask to be pitched once their issue gets resolved.

Tell me if this approach works for you

PS: Kyle shares such actionable nuggets on Linkedin regularly, follow him.