Translation Suggestion for the explanation in 'Average Sales Cycle'

Ted Youn
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While playing with Insights feature recently, I found an awkward Korean translation for the explanation about 'Average Sales Cycle'

  • English: Total time in stages divided by number of deals (OO)
  • Korean: 거래 수(OO)로 나눈 단계별 총 체류 시간
  • My Suggestion: 단계별 총 체류 시간을 거래 개수(OO)로 나눈 값

I believe my suggestion sounds better in Korean because this is how Koreans usually define what the arithmetic means is; for example, refer to this Korean encyclopedia article about the arithmetic mean.

Hope it helps.



  • Inês Frade
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    Hello Ted,

    Thank you so much for your feedback, I will pass that translation right now to the team in charge! 
    We really appreciate your help on this :)