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Darren Skeats_3064
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With external appointments and multichannel appointment setting - Travel time between face to face meetings can be an issue when using the scheduling tool with pipedrive. Although We can select a specific date for the customers to use, A much easier process would be to offer the full week to schedule an appointment but also include the travel times between two appointments

EG. I send a calendar schedule, customer selects an appointment to confirm With travel Times in mind - perhaps it could show the TOWN the meeting is in beforehand



allow titles above the day of booking to show where I will be on that Day 


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  • Inês Frade
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    Hello Darren,

    Thank you so much for your feedback 😄

    I have two suggestions that may work for you:
    On the Pipedrive scheduler, you can provide the location for the meeting and your customers will be able to see it before booking it.
    On the general availability link, you can also set a buffer time to have the travelling into consideration.

    To know more about these features feel free to contact our support team by chat or email (

    I will make sure to pass your feedback to our developers' team, especially regarding the "above the day titles". It definitely sounds like a great idea!

    Thank you, we always appreciate the feedback! 

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    Hey Darren, I’d love to bring Arrivy’s bookings feature to your attention. I believe it would be a great fit as you can curate custom calendars that can factor in a host of constraints like factoring in travel times and much more. You can always book a session with one of our experts here, and they can show you a working sample of how these bookings can be created and then post that what the sync with Pipedrive would look like.