Clean add deal view by not forcing required custom fields to appear

Tim Kranich
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When making a custom field required, it will always appear in add deal/lead view as well.

This leads to a confusing add deal view and is not necessary when the required field is only crucial in specific stages.

Please leave the selection to the user.

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  • Boris Tsibelman
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    You can control the required field by stage.

    You may want to consider not making it required in the beginning stages.. 

  • Tim Kranich
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    Thank you Boris, I know that. But everytime I set a field as required (no matter which stage), the check mark Appears in "add lead" and "add deal" views is set to true and cannot be removed. 

    So for me its not to control when the field is required, but not to display it in the add deal dialogue. Otherwise the possible large amount of fields causes a lack of transparency.

  • Jeff Sprott
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    This is silly to not give us the option. We have 8 different pipelines and we need 29 fields to be required along each deal journey but everyone shows up in the "add deal" window. Letting us check or uncheck the "showed in add new deal" window is the only logical option. Then we can streamline the "add deal" window to 7 fields and remove the 22 that are not required. We only need the first 7 but you can only see 3 of them because they are blocked by our 8 pipelines. Enjoy my "add new deal" window.